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  • Honda strut boot kit 63628 noisy

    I installed these on new Monroe struts and they are making a creaking/squeaking noise as the suspension is cycled. Can you clarify how they should be assembled on the shaft? The instructions in the package were very generic.    

    1396 days ago

  • 90007

    ...llation and a 5 mile drive the lower collar holding the spring broke on one shock. I returned it and installed the new one. They have always had a squeaking noise but now it is unbear...

    878 days ago

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  • Squeaking Shock

    Hello, I installed a pair of these shock absorbers on the back end of my 2010 Toyota 4Runner six weeks ago.  The ride and handling are very good but the rear right shock makes a loud squeak when that wheel hits a pot hole.  It's very aggravating.  I've checked the tourque on the t...

    Tags: toyota, Vehicle Make: Toyota, 2010, squeak, Part# 37270, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, 4runner, Vehicle Model: 4Runner, Vehicle Year: 2010

    292 days ago