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  • Why does the Monroe bearing plate has two studs and two threaded holes when the original units have three studs?

    Solution: Our design is used to fit either side of the vehicle. On the driver side the two studs and one threaded hole with the bolt will be used. On the passenger side the two studs and the opposite threaded hole with the bolt will be used.

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Corolla, Vehicle Year: 2000, Part# 171953, Position: Rear, Part# 902901, Topic Category: Product Features, Part# 171954, Vehicle Make: Toyota

    1248 days ago

  • Description: I installed BX723R brake shoes on my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 and now I am getting brake noise. What are some things I can check for?

    Solution: Make sure that ALL metal to metal contact points are lubricated with supplied lubricant including backing plate. Also wash drums with soapy water to assure all oily contaminants are removed. Sometimes even quality brake clean sprays can leave residue. Rotors need to have a non-direction...

    Tags: Topic Category: Diagnostics, Vehicle Model: RAM 1500 Pickup, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Position: Rear, Vehicle Year: 2000, Part# BX723R

    1248 days ago

  • Bolt Torque

    After installing both struts (171685) I did notice that the large main Bolt on top was now loose and the washer free floats. My question is, What is the correct torque for this bolt?

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2000, Vehicle Model: Deville, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 171685, Vehicle Make: Cadillac

    1239 days ago

  • question

    Is this catalytic converter for family engine yvwxv02.8224

    Tags: Vehicle Model: jetta gls vr6, Vehicle Engine: 2.8, v6, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 82642, Vehicle Year: 2000, Vehicle Make: wv

    1205 days ago

  • What tool is needed to tighten the rod nut for 71525

    What tool is needed to tighten the upper mounting nut for the 71525 strut?

    Tags: upper nut, tool, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Model: Golf, Vehicle Make: Volkswagen, Part# 171525, Vehicle Year: 2000, 71525, Part# 71525

    1170 days ago

  • Missing Mounting Hardware

    I bought a set of Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks part #58617 online.  The shocks arrived without mounting hardware.  I was wondering what are the length and size of bolts for the shocks.  The mounting kit part number is P941

    Tags: Part# 58617, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Model: Explorer, Vehicle Make: Ford, Vehicle Year: 2000

    1162 days ago

  • Front shocks for a 2000 S10 ZR2 Blazer

    In search of heavy duty front shocks to fit a 2000 S10 ZR2 Blazer, 2 door and front shocks to fit a 1999 S10 Blazer, 4 door. Both are 4.3, 4 wheel drive.  I am interested in Load levellers. I know there is no listing but according to others there is a shock that fits other GM trucks that wil...

    Tags: front shocks, Vehicle Year: 2000, Vehicle Make: chev, Vehicle Model: S10 Blazer, 4x4, Topic Category: Application, Part# 911514

    1079 days ago

  • Quick strut installation front 2000 taurus

    Installed monroe 181615 complete strut in 2000 ford taurus front raised front up high front end would not align properly  is this the correct assembly for this car  

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Ford, Vehicle Model: Taurus, Part# 181615, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Year: 2000

    456 days ago

  • 2000 Volvo V70R AWD Nivomats

    I need to know if the Monroe shock PART NUMBER: 5975 is a suitable replacement for a Nivomat shock as listed below for my Volvo. The Nivomat is of course the self leveling unit(non-electrical).  V70 1998–2000 Shock Absorber Suspension Codes 6 Rear OES 8626026 Thanks Ja...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2000, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 5975, Volvo AWD, V70R, Vehicle Make: Volvo, Volvo, Nivomat, V70, Vehicle Model: V70R AWD suspension code 6

    993 days ago

  • YHNXV02.3PL4 CARB Compliant models 82901/82996

    Hey! Having a 2000 Honda Accord ULEV in California means my replacement cat options are fairly limited. On Mar16th, 2016 executive order D-182-67 was signed, meaning that two new models (the Walker 82901 and 82996) are now legal for sale within Califonia.   My question is th...

    Tags: Vehicle Engine: YHNXV02.3PL4, CARB, Vehicle Make: Honda, 82996, 82901, Topic Category: Product Features, Vehicle Model: Accord LX, YHNXV02.3PL4, Vehicle Year: 2000, Part# 82608

    931 days ago