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  • 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring

    Replacing the OE struts with 72560 and 72561. Replacing the strut mount with a KYB aftermarket. Do I reuse the OE lower spring pad/rubber or remove it.  Instructions in the box did not specify.

    Tags: Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: Honda, Pad, Vehicle Model: Odyssey Touring, Vehicle Year: 2011, Part# 72560, Part# 72561, spring

    940 days ago

  • 2011 VW Routan vs 2011 Chrysler Town & Country

    The 2011 VW Routan and 2011 Chrysler Town & Country share the same strut 71128, they also share the same strut mounting kit 906960.  Both have the same enginee (3.6L) so the front weight should be very similare.  Could the Quick-Strut 171128L & 171128R be used on the 2011 Routan...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2011, Vehicle Model: Routan, Part# 71128, Vehicle Make: VW, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    902 days ago

  • Lower Shock Absorber Bolt requires 406 ft-lbs of torque, How?

    I just ordered four new struts for my 2011 Lincoln Navigator 4x4.  Parts are 171139 and 171138.  Ford spec is 406 ft-lbs for the lower shock absorber bolt.  Any ideas how to get this high?  I've not seen wrench for sale/rent above 250 ft-lbs.  Although Sunbelt may have a ...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Lincoln, Vehicle Year: 2011, Part# 171138 171139, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Model: Navigator

    682 days ago

  • One of my new Quick Struts says "ST" and the other does not

    Hello, I recently orded two new Quick Struts for my 2011 Lincoln Navigator.  When they arrived one box said 171138 and the other said 171138ST, plus had the "Reflex" sticker on gas chamber.  I want to confirm that these are in fact the same part?  I don't want to install two diffe...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Lincoln, Vehicle Year: 2011, ST, Part# 171138ST, Vehicle Model: Navigator, Part# 171138, Topic Category: Product Features

    678 days ago

  • 2011 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan

    I recently purchased shocks for the rear and installed them. Now every time i hit a bump there is a rattling noise coming from the rear. I checked and everything is torqued. According to the Monroe site, it called for part number 5528. Any idea what the noise might be? I put new struts on too and...

    Tags: Part# 5528, Vehicle Model: Jetta SE, Vehicle Make: Vokswagen, Vehicle Year: 2011, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    135 days ago