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  • I am experiencing excessive dusting from my brake pads. What are some things I could check that might cause excessive dusting?

    Solution: Check rotor temperature with infrared thermometer. If it steadily increases while driving at a constant speed then brakes are dragging. Check for oil contamination in brake fluid and make sure compensating ports are not plugged. If no temperature increase is noted, make sure not to driv...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2008, Topic Category: Diagnostics, Part# CX1164, Vehicle Make: Ford, Vehicle Model: Fusion

    885 days ago

  • I want to do the brake job myself on my Ford Escape. Is there anything special I will have to do prior to installing my brake pads?

    Solution:  According to Ford installation procedures, the following steps should be taken prior to removing and installing the brake pads: 1. Using a suction device remove about half the brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir. 2. Disconnect the battery. 3. Remove the battery juncti...

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Escape (Hybrid), Part# CX1055, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Position: Rear, Part# DX1055, Part# DX1047, Position: Front, Vehicle Year: 2008, Part# CX1047, Vehicle Make: Ford

    885 days ago

  • 2008 c70 volvo front end struts

    I have a 2008 c70 volvo.. I have bought Monroe struts new plus the boot and mounting bushing and plate.. All match the current installed parts. My problem is that I dont know how to get the lower end of the strut out of the 'bucket' it is sitting in.. All the videos online are of 2006 and prior....

    Tags: strut removal 2008 C70, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: Volvo, Vehicle Year: 2008, Part# 72316, Vehicle Model: C70

    820 days ago

  • 2008 GMC Yukon Denali

    Working on a 2008 GMC Yukon Denali front struts. Wondering if the 139104 Quick Strut Assembly will okay to use with this vehicles electronic suspension. Or if 40048 is what I will need to use.

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2008, 2008 Denali, Electronic Suspension, Part# 40048, Part# 139104, 40048, 139104, Vehicle Model: 1/2 Ton Denali, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Make: GMC

    801 days ago

  • Qty shocks per part number question

    Just trying to make sure how many I need to order. the part numbers are 40048 and 40051 and I need all 4 corners, so do I need to order 2 each or 1 each?  

    Tags: Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Year: 2008, Part# 40051, Vehicle Model: Suburban LTZ 4WD, Vehicle Make: Chevrolet, Part# 40048

    775 days ago

  • Heat shield not matching up from OE cat. Walker part# 16564

    I purchased part number 16564 to replace the catalytic converter on my 2008 subaru outback 2.5L LLBean edition. It fit up perfectly, but the heat shield from my old cat doesn't fit on the Walker cat. Also the holes for the O2 sensors are in the wrong places. Is there a Walker brand heat shield th...

    Tags: Part# 16564, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, subaru, Vehicle Make: Subaru, heat shield, Vehicle Model: Outback LL Bean, Vehicle Year: 2008, Vehicle Engine: 2.5 L, naturally aspirated

    672 days ago

  • monroe quick strut

    i have a 2008 jeep grand cherokee with the 3.0L i see the website says the quick strut is only good for the 4.7L but both use the same strut part # 71377 . the quick strut part # 171377L, 13177R uses that same strut. will the quick strut be fine in my vehicle

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2008, Part# 71377, Vehicle Make: Jeep, Vehicle Model: Grand Cherokee Limited 3.0L, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    610 days ago

  • Bounce with new shocks

    Just installed the load adjusting shocks (58648) on my 2008 dodge grand caravan to assist while towing our 16' travel trailer (2300lbs.) And the bounce is worse then the oem shocks, if I drive over a dip in the road the van and trailer bounce up and down Luke a see-saw, can these be adjusted to b...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2008, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Topic Category: Diagnostics, Vehicle Model: Grand caravan, Part# 58648

    418 days ago

  • OESPECTRUM 5616 Stiffness

    How stiff are these compared to the original Sachs 33526779985 and Bilstein B4 shocks?

    Tags: Vehicle Make: BMW, Part# 5616, Vehicle Model: 328xi, Vehicle Year: 2008, Topic Category: Product Features

    412 days ago

  • both complete left side struts

    I was wondering if I could still use a new left hand strut for  rightside  install if i changed the top base plate to the old rightside top plate. I thought I  bought a complete right side 171371 R through Ebay supplier but when it arrived it was a leftside 9171371L (was in the wro...

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Tacoma TRD, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: Toyota, Part# 171371R, Vehicle Year: 2008

    388 days ago