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  • You guys have two Monroe mounting plates listed for my 2007 Toyota Rav4. How do I know which one to use?

    Solution: Toyota designed two different mounts and they are not interchangeable. The 906987 is a two-piece design which has the bearing as a separate component. The 906988 is a one piece design that has the bearing built into it. You will need to remove and inspect the mount on the vehicle t...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Toyota, Topic Category: Product Features, Position: Front Mounting, Vehicle Year: 2007, Part# 906988, Vehicle Model: RAV4, Part# 906987

    885 days ago

  • Which pad is the inner and which is the outer?

    Solution:  According to FMSI the shorter friction is the inner (or the piston or caliper side). The longer friction length is the outer. Both use the same NEC noise elimination clips.  

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2007, Part# DX1339, Vehicle Make: Ford, Topic Category: Application, Part# FX1329, Vehicle Model: E-250

    885 days ago

  • strut mounting

    hello  i have purchased 2 strut mounting for my honda civic EX 4D 2007  PN: 906964 ASIN: B009AA9K20 i have them installed 1 month ago and one of them start to make noise , i went to 2 different garages and they told me that it need to be replaced .  can you please advice what ...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2007, Vehicle Make: honda, Topic Category: Diagnostics, Part# 906964, Vehicle Model: civic

    821 days ago

  • Quickstrut with OESpectrum vs reflex

    Hi, I have just bought 172130L and 172130R and one strut is labeled Reflex while the other one OESpectrum. Why is this difference and should i ask the retailer to replace one of it to have a match for left and right? If yes which type (OESpectrum or Reflex) is the one recommneded/better...

    Tags: Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Year: 2007, OESpectrum, Reflex, Part# 172130L, Vehicle Make: Chrysler, Part# 172130R, Vehicle Model: Pacifica

    843 days ago

  • Measure the outside diameter

    I need to know, if the external diameter of the damper is 55mm, hope thanks reply

    Tags: Vehicle Model: A3 sportback, Part# 72312, Vehicle Year: 2007, Vehicle Make: Audi, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    818 days ago

  • How to assemble the 71111 with the supplied hardware

    I received a 71111 with a P1466 parts bag.  How do I assemble the parts to the strut?

    Tags: Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Model: Ram 1500 4WD, Part# 71111, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Vehicle Year: 2007, 71111

    806 days ago

  • Need part identification assistance

    Hello.  I am finding the information in your application catalog to be very vague and am having trouble identifying the correct shocks for my 07 Tahoe LT (RWD) with 5.3 non-flex engine. It does have ZW7 but does not have Z55.  It has 20" wheels.  Your catalog mentions magnetic sus...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Chevy, Part# 39104, Vehicle Model: Tahoe LT, Topic Category: Application, Tahoe ZW7 Z55 Magnetic, Vehicle Year: 2007

    781 days ago

  • 2007 escalade Z55 P56

    Factory installed 22 inches wheels have a different part number for the rear shocks with the road sensing suspension package RPO Z55. Does 40052 work with RPO Z55 and P56? 

    Tags: Part# 40052, Vehicle Make: Cadillac, Vehicle Model: Escalade, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Year: 2007

    719 days ago

  • Conversion for 2007 Yukon Denali

    I have a 2007 Yukon Denali with the autoride air shocks. I want to convert it to standard shock by converting the front and removing the air shock in the rear. what kit is there for that and shocks that will take the place of the rears. I know arrnot makes a kit, do you have something similar?

    Tags: Part# 90013-2, Vehicle Model: Yukon, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Make: GMC, Vehicle Year: 2007, Part# 90013, Part# 90013-1

    703 days ago

  • 21548 muffler, which is the inlet side?

    I purchased a 21548 muffler, which side is the inlet? Looking at your website, I am assuming the inlet side of the muffler is shown on the left, correct? Thanks.

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2007, Vehicle Model: Charger, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Part# 21548, Vehicle Engine: 3.5, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    640 days ago