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  • I am experiencing a metallic "clunking" noise from the front end. The lower mount is shifting up and down on the lower mounting bolt. What is going on??

    Solution: This shock utilizes a clevis type lower mount, which must securely clamp the shock's lower mounting sleeve, by the sides, like a vise., Be sure to torque the mounting bolt to spec. (100 ft. lbs.)

    Tags: Front, Part# 37102, Topic Category: Diagnostics, Vehicle Year: 1999, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Vehicle Model: RAM 2500 PICKUP (RAM), Part# 34776, Part# 34782

    1743 days ago

  • I purchased 911183 and 911184 shocks for my Lexus L470. The old units coming off the vehicle have what appears to be hydraulic lines going to them. The Monroe units do not have line attachments. What is going on?

    Solution: Our units will not work with Adaptive Variable, Adjustable Height Control or an Air Leveling Suspensions. You will have to go back to the Lexus Dealer for replacement units.

    Tags: Part# 911183, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Make: Lexus, Part# 911184, Vehicle Model: LX470, Vehicle Year: 1999

    1743 days ago

  • You guys have converter 54262 as listed for first design and 54343 or 54691 is listed for the second design, how can I tell which version to use?

    Solution: 54626 will have a 4 bolt front flange and takes gasket 31606 (first design) 54343 will have a 3 bolt front flange and take gasket #31629 (second design)

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 1999, Part# 54262, Vehicle Make: Pontiac, Vehicle Model: Grand AM (2.4L), Topic Category: Product Features, Part# 54691, Part# 54343

    1743 days ago

  • Quick-strut mounting nut torque

    I purchased Quick-struts for a 1999 Camry LE, 4 Cyl, 2.2L. Monroe 171679, 171678, 171681, 171680. The bearing plate upper mounting stud sheared off on the Left Front, and I'm pretty sure the the studs on the Right Front yielded. What should these be torqued to? Either the instructions don't seem...

    Tags: Part# 171681, Vehicle Make: Toyota, Part# 171678, Vehicle Year: 1999, Quick-strut, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Torque, Part# 171679, Vehicle Engine: 4 Cyl, 2.2L, Vehicle Model: Camry LE, Part# 171680

    1696 days ago

  • Ford Taurus Spring Guards

    I purchased the Monroe units for my Ford Taurus.  The passenger side factory spring guard went on fine. The driver side spring guard will not install because of the way the sway bar endlink bracket is positioned.  Should I leave it off or what are my alternatives?

    Tags: 71615, 181615, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 181615, Part# 71615, sway bar bracket, Part# 171615, 171615, 801615, Spring guard, Vehicle Model: Taurus, Vehicle Make: Ford, Vehicle Year: 1999, Part# 801615

    1668 days ago

  • Rattling noise

    I replace the front shocks on my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD.  After replacing the shocks, I now have a clunking noise out of the front end when I go over any little bump.  Are the shocks defective?

    Tags: Part# 911104, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, 37104, Part# 37104, 32279, Part# 32279, Vehicle Year: 1999, 911104, 34778, Vehicle Make: Dodge, clunking, Vehicle Model: Ram 1500 4WD, Part# 34778

    1666 days ago

  • California cars

    How do I legally obtain a replacement catalytic converter for my car here in CA? Everywhere I look, companies like you state your parts are not for sale in CA. Obviously the repair shops in CA must have some way of buying parts. Is this just a way to keep someone from doing his own work?

    Tags: Part# 54173, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: Plymouth, Vehicle Engine: 2.0 sohc, Vehicle Model: Neon, Vehicle Year: 1999

    1636 days ago

  • Nivomat shocks

    I have a 99 Chrysler Town and Country 3.8 AWD and need to replace the nivomat shocks. Would the Monroe, Part #40200, work for this vehicle? I'm not sure if this is connected to Monroe but they do not have a link to contact them. It seems Sachs brand is the only brand that specifically states AWD....

    Tags: Nivomat shocks, Vehicle Year: 1999, Part# 40200, Vehicle Model: Town and Country, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Make: Cgrysler

    1621 days ago

  • correct shock

    In reference to your 90003 airbag to coil spring (1999 Mercury Grand Marquis) what is the correct replacement shock for this kit? thank You William

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 1999, Vehicle Make: Mercury, Vehicle Model: Grand Marquis, Part# 90003, Topic Category: Product Features

    1604 days ago

  • 171583R upper mount slanted

    Is the upper mount on 171583R supposed to be slanted? It didn't line up with the pinch fork unlike 171583L. Should I force it? This is the second unit from rockauto and it has the same defect.  I don't remember 171583L to be too slanted since it was installed without any issues. Please...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Honda, 171583R, Vehicle Model: CRV 2WD, Vehicle Year: 1999, uppermount, Part# 171583R, Topic Category: Application

    1520 days ago