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  • I have a 1996 Ford F350 with the 7.5L engine. I purchased the 15838 catalytic converter for the truck. The ports on the pipe are too big for my oxygen sensor.

    Solution: These both ports are for threaded 20mm air tubes and depending on the factory design the port was in the front or the middle of the converters. There are two plugs included if only one or no air tubes are used.

    Tags: Vehicle Model: F-350 Pickup, Part# 15838, Vehicle Engine: 7.5L, Vehicle Make: Ford, Topic Category: Application, Part# 15839, Vehicle Year: 1996

    1743 days ago

  • interchangeability

    what is the difference between the taxi package and the standard package in a 1996 taurus gl sedan as far as the rear strut assembly is concerned?

    Tags: Part# 271616, Part# 171616, Vehicle Engine: v6 efi, Vehicle Make: ford, Vehicle Year: 1996, Vehicle Model: taurus gl sedan, Topic Category: Application

    1675 days ago

  • Bronco exhaust parts

    Your website repeatedly touts claims such as "Fits Like OE Because We Make OE."  But when I look up parts for my '96 Bronco, it shows 2 clamps even though the OE configuration used none.  The tailpipe was welded to the muffler, and there was a 3-bolt flange between the Y-pipe (cats) &am...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Ford, Vehicle Engine: 5.8L, Part# 16365, Vehicle Model: Bronco, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 22798, Vehicle Year: 1996

    1599 days ago

  • how to disable the "check air suspension" warning lamp in digital cluster

    the kit instructions are not correct. I have a 1996 Grand Marquis. the module is in the trunk (not under the dash) the black connector  has 8 pins in the row with the dark green/light green stripe wire and this wire is not the centre wire but offset 1 pin the one side of centre. I cut it...

    Tags: Part# 90003, Vehicle Model: Grand Marquis, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Make: Mercury, Vehicle Year: 1996

    1320 days ago

  • 96 Golf rear shocks too long!

    Hi, old ones are kyb gas a just. frozen. length 29". New ones 32" seems like the new ones are 3" too long. perhaps previous owner put in short springs; existing springs are 13.25" which is the spec on NAPA site for new springs. Any ideas?

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Golf, Part# 71265, Vehicle Make: VW, Vehicle Year: 1996, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, 96 VW Golf

    1005 days ago

  • Walker 51033 Pipe Seems to Be Incorrectly Designed

    The application is a US market, federal emissions, 1996 Honda Accord LX sedan with the four cylinder, 2.2 liter, F22B2 engine. The holes in the converter-facing flange of the Walker 51033 pipe are too big, roughly the same size as those in the mating flange of the Walker 16067 catalytic converter...

    Tags: Flange, Bolt, Topic Category: Miscellaneous, Converter, Vehicle Engine: four cylinder 2.2 liter f22b2, Vehicle Make: Honda, Vehicle Model: Accord LX Sedan, Part# 16067, Part# 35129, Part# 51033, Vehicle Year: 1996

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