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  • I have a 1995 Lincoln Town Car limo that I installed the Monroe conversion kit 90003. After I installed the kit, the rear end is sitting lower. What gives?

    Solution: The 90003 conversion kit will not work for the limo or commercial chassis Town Cars.

    Tags: Topic Category: Diagnostics, Vehicle Model: Town Car (Limo), Position: Rear, Vehicle Year: 1995, Part# 90003, Vehicle Make: Lincoln

    1743 days ago

  • BMW E38 rear shocks

    Dear support please help me to choose better shocks for my ride. VIN WBAGF21020DF74454 I decide between: 376012SP vs E2030 Mostly i drive in city and high-ways, raraly country. I prefer rather smoothness then sport. 

    Tags: 376012SP, E2030, Vehicle Model: E38, reflex, bmw, rear, Vehicle Make: BMW, Vehicle Year: 1995, OESpectrum, shocks, Part# 376012SP, Topic Category: Application, Part# E2030

    280 days ago

  • 42179 flex pipe for 3.0L 1995 Taurus?

    Will the Walker Flex Pipe #42179 fit a 3.0 litre engine (code U) on a 1995 Ford Taurus sedan? 

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Taurus, Vehicle Year: 1995, Part# 42179, flex pipe exhaust, Vehicle Make: Ford, Topic Category: Product Features, Vehicle Engine: 3.0 litre

    1528 days ago

  • Stop bumper for Eclipse 1995

    I installed this stop bump on my MITSUBISHI eclipse 95 However it makes some squeak Do I need to cut the stop bump? It seems to be bigger than the OEM PART NUMBER 63628  

    Tags: Part# 63628, Vehicle Make: MITSUBISHI, Vehicle Model: ECLIPSE, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Year: 1995

    1511 days ago

  • Flat spot on outlet pipe of my CalCat Converter

    I was wondering if there is supposed to be a flat spot ont the outlet pipe on my CalCat Catalytic converter. It is right where the warranty label is. I have been trying to find pictures, but all of them, that are out there, are the same picture.

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 1995, Vehicle Make: Chevy, Topic Category: Product Features, Part# 80946, Vehicle Model: C1500, Vehicle Engine: 5.7L V8

    1175 days ago

  • 1995 Ford Ranger 3.0 y pipe

    I am finding out that nobody makes a y pipe for the 3.0 and the dealer can't even get a hold of one.  I was wondering if anybody knew if any from another or engine size would match up?  I can't even find any shop around my area that is willing to fabricate one.

    Tags: Ford ranger 3.0, Ranger exhaust, Vehicle Year: 1995, Ford ranger y pipe, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: Ford, Vehicle Model: Ranger, Part# 50206, Vehicle Engine: 3.0 V6

    913 days ago

  • Misinformation

    The item is in your list for a 1995 Chevy K1500 350 V8 4WD. It is NOT for a 4WD bec it interferes with the drive shaft/incorrect length/bends  

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 1995, Part# 50300, Topic Category: Application

    881 days ago

  • Installing 58617 rear shocks

    I purchased a set of 58617 shocks for my 1995 Ford Explorer 4WD Eddie Bower.  However, even after raising the vehicle I need to compress the shocks a few inches to make the lower connection.  Is a special compression tool required to reduce the length of the shock during installation?&n...

    Tags: 58617, Vehicle Model: Explorer, Eddie Bower, 4WD, spring compression, Vehicle Year: 1995, Vehicle Make: Ford, Ford Explorer, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 58617

    782 days ago

  • BMW E38 rear shocks

    Dear support please help me to choose better shocks for my ride. VIN WBAGF21020DF74454 I decide between: 376012SP vs E2030Mostly i drive in city and high-ways, raraly country. I prefer rather smoothness then sport.

    Tags: shocks, Vehicle Model: E38, e38, rear, Part# 376012SP, Part# E2030, Vehicle Year: 1995, E2030, 376012SP, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: BMW, bmw

    280 days ago