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  • Is muffler asm 44286 Stainless Steel

    I recently purchased for my 93 Mercedes 190e 2.6L from RockAuto a Walker Quiet-Flow Mufller Asm 44286 which is advertised as a stainless steel muffler.  When it arrived it had a Starla 44286 sticker on it and is made in taiwan.  The muffler asm appears to be aluminized mild steel.  ...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 1993, Vehicle Make: Mercedes, Vehicle Model: 190e, Topic Category: Product Features, Vehicle Engine: 2.6L, Part# 82642

    1446 days ago

  • Walker Quiet Flow Muffler - not so quiet

    I had the quiet flow muffler installed on my 93 Subaru Legacy L by Midas. The muffler was extremely loud especially going up an incline. I took it back to Midas and they installed another quiet flow muffler in case the first one was defective. The replacement muffler is still very loud. Midas can...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Subaru, Vehicle Model: Legacy L, Vehicle Year: 1993, Part# 18363, Topic Category: Miscellaneous

    1403 days ago

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