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  • strut mounting

    hello  i have purchased 2 strut mounting for my honda civic EX 4D 2007  PN: 906964 ASIN: B009AA9K20 i have them installed 1 month ago and one of them start to make noise , i went to 2 different garages and they told me that it need to be replaced .  can you please advice what ...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: honda, Part# 906964, Topic Category: Diagnostics, Vehicle Model: civic, Vehicle Year: 2007

    1370 days ago

  • Honda Pilot 2012 touring

    I tow a trailer and am looking for something like your load leveling shocks to fix the rear end sag but I cannot find a listing for anything  What do you rscommend?  Honda does not recommend load leveling hitches.  

    Tags: Topic Category: Product Features, Vehicle Model: pilot, Vehicle Year: 2012, Vehicle Make: honda, Part# 37339

    1049 days ago

  • rear flange nut size

    what size nut is at the rear of the converter #16096

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2000, Vehicle Engine: 1.6L, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: honda, Part# 16096, Vehicle Model: civic

    1028 days ago

  • water dipping at cat pipe to flange plate welds 16361

    I just purchased and installed a new Walker exhaust system including the cat (16361), resonator muffler (56265), and muffler (55469).....and associated gaskets.  At startup, I noticed that there is water dripping from the flange connection of the cat and resonator muffler.  Upon closer ...

    Tags: Gasket, Part# 16361, Part# 56265, Welds, Part# 55469, Topic Category: Product Features, Vehicle Model: pilot, water, Vehicle Year: 2004, Flange, Vehicle Engine: V6, Vehicle Make: honda

    1021 days ago

  • out of stock?? discontinued?

    Hi,   I'm having an extra hard time finding this in available in any of retail networked partners, such as SummitRacing, Autozone, or JC Whitney.. I've had orders cancelled, becuase its out of stock or not available.  Please addvise if this product is still in production or discontinued...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: honda, Vehicle Model: accord 4door sedan 5sp manual, Vehicle Year: 2000, Vehicle Engine: 2.3L, Topic Category: Miscellaneous, Part# 53547

    908 days ago

  • Difference between part 53541 and 52259

    are the parts mention above the same as in length and everything? I just want to replace the old part with the cheap part for the 2001 honda accord LX 2.3L, i know its a federal emissions car but will the california emissions fit ok?

    Tags: Topic Category: Removal and Installation, down, Vehicle Model: accord, front, Vehicle Year: 2001, 53541, pipe, exhaust, Part# 53541, Vehicle Engine: 2.3L, emission, 52259, Vehicle Make: honda, Part# 52259

    732 days ago

  • 2006 honda civic lx coupe 2dr 1.8L

    i have the walker muffler and intermediate pipe with resonator Im installing on my sons civic, it looks like the should be a gasket on the joint between the muffler and the resonator, but I don't see one listed in your catalog

    Tags: Muffler gasket, Vehicle Year: 2006, Part# 54668, Vehicle Make: honda, Topic Category: Product Features, Vehicle Model: civic lx coupe, Vehicle Engine: 1.8

    587 days ago

  • 181340R/L

    got a set of these for my daughters civic and it rides stiff like there to strong  

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2003, Vehicle Model: civic lx coupe, Part# 181340R, Vehicle Make: honda, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    428 days ago