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  • You guys have two Monroe mounting plates listed for my 2007 Toyota Rav4. How do I know which one to use?

    Solution: Toyota designed two different mounts and they are not interchangeable. The 906987 is a two-piece design which has the bearing as a separate component. The 906988 is a one piece design that has the bearing built into it. You will need to remove and inspect the mount on the vehicle t...

    Tags: Vehicle Model: RAV4, Position: Front Mounting, Part# 906987, Vehicle Make: Toyota, Vehicle Year: 2007, Topic Category: Product Features, Part# 906988

    1743 days ago

  • Why does the Monroe bearing plate has two studs and two threaded holes when the original units have three studs?

    Solution: Our design is used to fit either side of the vehicle. On the driver side the two studs and one threaded hole with the bolt will be used. On the passenger side the two studs and the opposite threaded hole with the bolt will be used.

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Toyota, Part# 171954, Topic Category: Product Features, Position: Rear, Vehicle Model: Corolla, Part# 171953, Vehicle Year: 2000, Part# 902901

    1743 days ago

  • I could not install the Walker converter. The original converter taken off the vehicle has two oxygen sensor ports. The 53451 and the 53717 only have one oxygen sensor port.

    Solution: Make sure the engine code is 1ZZ-FE. The Walker catalytic converters 53451 and 53717 will not fit engine code 2ZZ-GE. The 2ZZ-GE engine has two oxygen sensors in the catalytic converter assembly

    Tags: Position: Direct Fit Converter, Vehicle Year: 2003, Vehicle Model: Matrix, Part# 53451, Vehicle Make: Toyota, Part# 53717, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    1743 days ago

  • Are there any special procedures for performing brake service on a Toyota Prius?

    Solution:  When servicing the brakes for the Toyota Prius, make sure the brake control modulator pumps are disabled before servicing the brake system. This is done by removing the number 1 and number 2 motor relays. By disabling the brake control modulator pump, this prevents the pump from ...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2008-2001, Vehicle Model: Prius, Vehicle Make: Toyota, Part# BX753, Part# DX822, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# CX822

    1743 days ago

  • quick struts

    Does the quick strut model #s 172206 & 172205 fit on a 2006 Solara V6? doesn't think so but they say they do fit on: 2006 Camry V6 & Lexus ES330 models, almost identical cars.

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Toyota, Vehicle Year: 2006, Part# 172206, Part# 172205, Vehicle Model: Solara, Topic Category: Application

    1701 days ago

  • V6 Solara struts

    Hi,  I'm planning on installing new front struts on my 06 V6 Solara SE. 72206 & 72205 struts fit my car. What springs do you recommend I use on these these struts. Thanks.

    Tags: Vehicle Model: V6 Solara SE, Part# 72205, Vehicle Make: Toyota, 72206, 72205, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Year: 2006, Part# 72206

    1678 days ago

  • Quick-strut mounting nut torque

    I purchased Quick-struts for a 1999 Camry LE, 4 Cyl, 2.2L. Monroe 171679, 171678, 171681, 171680. The bearing plate upper mounting stud sheared off on the Left Front, and I'm pretty sure the the studs on the Right Front yielded. What should these be torqued to? Either the instructions don't seem...

    Tags: Quick-strut, Part# 171681, Vehicle Make: Toyota, Part# 171678, Vehicle Year: 1999, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Torque, Part# 171679, Vehicle Engine: 4 Cyl, 2.2L, Vehicle Model: Camry LE, Part# 171680

    1696 days ago

  • Quick Struts for 2003 Toyota Highlander AWD

    Apparently the only manufacturer that makes a complete, pre-compressed package with coil springs, for those of us without the equipment, is FCS? Does Monroe plan on making these in the future? I believe they would cross over to the Lexus rx300 as well... Thanks in advance!   On a side not...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2003, Vehicle Model: Highlander Limited AWD, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: Toyota, Part# 171493

    1667 days ago


    I have just purchased Monroe 171371L / 171371R and 37270. Evidently my vehicle has either the X-REAS or KINETIC DYNAMIC SUSPENSION. The shocks on the front and rear have brake line type connections on them, can I still use these shocks/struts and block off the hoses ? Or will I need to purchase n...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2009, Part# 171371R, Vehicle Model: 4runner, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 171371L, Vehicle Make: Toyota, Part# 37270

    1621 days ago

  • Difference Between 37032 and 37032 ST

    I bought two 37032 shocks. I thought I was getting the new OESpectrum 37032 shocks. They sent me one OESpectrum 37032 (P167J) and one 37032 ST (P230F) My contention is that the 37032 ST is the older model and not a OESpectrum shock Are they the exact same shock ?   Thanks Jim  

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 1986, Vehicle Make: Toyota, Vehicle Model: SR5, 4WD, Topic Category: Product Features, Part# 37032 ST, Part# 37032

    1587 days ago