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  • My OE unit has a heat shield and the Walker unit does not. There is no way to re-use the OE heat shield.

    Solution: OE heat shield is not required on our unit (air gap pipe)

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2003, Vehicle Make: Subaru, Vehicle Model: Outback, Part# 54562, Topic Category: Application

    1222 days ago

  • Installation Instructions Strut-Mate Boot Kit 63630

    Package did not include the retaining clip nor the Plastic tie mentioned in the instructions on the side of the box.  Internet search says instructions are all wrong on box.  Where can I get the correction instructions for 63630 and 63631 boot kits?

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Forester, Part# 63630, Vehicle Make: Subaru, Vehicle Year: 2002, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 63631

    1111 days ago

  • Walker Quiet Flow Muffler - not so quiet

    I had the quiet flow muffler installed on my 93 Subaru Legacy L by Midas. The muffler was extremely loud especially going up an incline. I took it back to Midas and they installed another quiet flow muffler in case the first one was defective. The replacement muffler is still very loud. Midas can...

    Tags: Topic Category: Miscellaneous, Part# 18363, Vehicle Model: Legacy L, Vehicle Year: 1993, Vehicle Make: Subaru

    1071 days ago

  • 71786 or 71877 what is the corrct part number?

    The vehicle is 1992 Subaru Loyale FWD.  Monroe website recommends part # 71786 (5) for the front.  Our local Pep Boys shows part # 71877 (6).  Monroe's representative is not a big help here:  "Just use the part listed on the website." Should I buy them from the Pep ...

    Tags: Correct part, Front strut, Loyale, Subaru, Part# 71877, Vehicle Make: Subaru, 1992, Vehicle Year: 1992, Vehicle Model: Loyale, Topic Category: Application, Part# 71786

    1013 days ago

  • Heat shield not matching up from OE cat. Walker part# 16564

    I purchased part number 16564 to replace the catalytic converter on my 2008 subaru outback 2.5L LLBean edition. It fit up perfectly, but the heat shield from my old cat doesn't fit on the Walker cat. Also the holes for the O2 sensors are in the wrong places. Is there a Walker brand heat shield th...

    Tags: subaru, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 16564, Vehicle Make: Subaru, Vehicle Engine: 2.5 L, naturally aspirated, Vehicle Year: 2008, Vehicle Model: Outback LL Bean, heat shield

    1009 days ago

  • Replacement of CARB 82525 with direct fit 82662

    I currently have a CARB converter on my 2003 Subaru Outback. I have two O2 sensors which are both on the front part of the 82525 and nothing connected to the rear cat which was existing welded in with the new 82525. I am going to purchase a Walker Direct fit 82662 CARB and replace the entire syst...

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Outback, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: Subaru, Vehicle Year: 2003, Vehicle Engine: 2.5L, Part# 82525, Part# 82662

    720 days ago

  • New York State Catalytic Converter For Suburu 2002 Outback Question

    I need a catalytic converter for New York State for my 2002 Subaru Outback 4 cylinder. Is this product sold by amazon The same as this product sold by Autozone

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2002, Vehicle Make: Subaru, Vehicle Model: Outback, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Engine: 4 cylinder, Part# 54562

    655 days ago

  • defective new liftgate supports for 2008 subaru forester

    I recently purchased and replaced both lift supports on my 2008 Forester. They appear to be defective as they do not lift door to its full height. It requires quite alot of additional force to push the gate open. Once open they support the gate fine. I replaced the supports because the old ones h...

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Forester, Vehicle Make: Subaru, Part# 900160, Topic Category: Diagnostics, Vehicle Year: 2008, Part# 900135

    635 days ago

  • California Subaru Catalytic Converter Confusion

    I bought a 2002 Subaru that came from California. I live in Colorado. Can I put a part#54562 on since this car will never go back to California. Will my car's check engine light stay on? I found another part#82662 but my Evaporative family is 2FJXR01251CC. Confused in Colorado.

    Tags: Colorado, California, Part# 54562, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Make: Subaru, Vehicle Model: Outback, Vehicle Engine: 2.5 non-Turbo, Vehicle Year: 2002, Catalytic, Part# 82662

    529 days ago

  • Fit 05 Legacy Outback with federal emissions?

    Am I able to weld this converter into the existing pipe of my 2005 Legacy Outback i?  I'd rather have a 50 states converter as these vehicles seem to be overly sensitive with their converter monitoring.

    Tags: Vehicle Engine: 2.5 H4 EJ253 Federal Emissions (Option U6), Vehicle Model: Legacy Outback i, Vehicle Year: 2005, Vehicle Make: Subaru, Part# 83307, Topic Category: Application

    513 days ago