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  • 1979 Mercury Capri Strut Mounts

    Do the strut mount kit (901925) listed for the 1979 mercury capri actually fit?  The pictures look different the the onion head style mounts used on the early mustang, capri, and fairmonts.  There is no part listing for the 1979 mustang strut mounts so I believe the listing for the merc...

    Tags: Capri, Vehicle Model: Capri, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Year: 1979, Part# 901925, Fox-Body, Vehicle Make: Mercury, Mustang

    1644 days ago

  • correct shock

    In reference to your 90003 airbag to coil spring (1999 Mercury Grand Marquis) what is the correct replacement shock for this kit? thank You William

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Grand Marquis, Vehicle Make: Mercury, Vehicle Year: 1999, Part# 90003, Topic Category: Product Features

    1570 days ago

  • how to disable the "check air suspension" warning lamp in digital cluster

    the kit instructions are not correct. I have a 1996 Grand Marquis. the module is in the trunk (not under the dash) the black connector  has 8 pins in the row with the dark green/light green stripe wire and this wire is not the centre wire but offset 1 pin the one side of centre. I cut it...

    Tags: Topic Category: Application, Part# 90003, Vehicle Model: Grand Marquis, Vehicle Year: 1996, Vehicle Make: Mercury

    1286 days ago

  • 2008 Mercury grand marquis LS - Shock 5993 - How Tight Should The Top Nut Be?

    Hoe tight should the the threaded top nut be on the first bushing (where do I stop?).  Also:  Should this nut be tightened with the rear wheels on or off the ground?

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Mercury, Vehicle Year: 2008, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 5993, Vehicle Model: Grand Marquis LS

    850 days ago

  • Shock TECH SPECS

    I see there isn't much info listed under the "TECH SPECS" tab for this product. I would like to compare this shock to Monroe 5993 which is the recommended shock for the air ride application.  I have searched for this product, 90004, under Monroes MOUNTING & LENGTH SPECIFICATIONS.PD...

    Tags: Grand Marquis, Air Ride, 90004c, tech specs, 5993, 90004, Vehicle Make: Mercury, Part# 90004, technical, Vehicle Model: Grand Marquis, Part# 90004C, Part# 5993, conversion, Topic Category: Miscellaneous, Vehicle Year: 2003

    120 days ago

  • Strut Bolts Torque

    I received QUICK-STRUT® COMPLETE REPLACEMENT STRUT ASSEMBLY for my '97 mercury sable sedan. When I put them on, I torqued them according the manufacture specs on the car, and all three bolts stripped faster than my ex-wife. I need to know what torque specs I should use, while I wait for ...

    Tags: Bolt, 271616, Strut, sable, Mercury, '97, Vehicle Year: 1997, Vehicle Make: Mercury, Vehicle Model: Sable Sedan, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 271616

    57 days ago