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  • Sound Difference Between Universal Muffler lines

    Can someone help me understand the sound difference between the SoundFX, Tru-Fit, and Pro-Fit mufflers?  Which is the quietest? Which is the loudest?  I can't afford the quiet-flow but I can't tell the difference between the others from the website.  And I assume the turbo is loud ...

    Tags: universal mufflers, Fit, sound, Part# 17867, Part# 17191, Topic Category: Miscellaneous, Quiet, SoundFX, Part# 17881, Part# 19194, Vehicle Make: Hyundai, Loud, Quiet-Flow, Part# 18126, Vehicle Engine: 1.6L 4c, Vehicle Year: 2005, Pro-Fit, Tru-Fit, Vehicle Model: Accent

    957 days ago

  • Jounce Bumpers Don't Match

    I just bought two Quick Struts (272300 and 272299) for the front of my 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited, 3.3l. The units are the correct numbers but the 299 has a large boot and yellow stop and the 300 has just a small black boot with small stop built in. They are very different sizes and different ...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2008, mismatch, Vehicle Model: Sanata Fe limited 3.3l, Vehicle Make: Hyundai, Part# 272299, jounce, quick struts 272300, Topic Category: Product Features, Part# 272300

    805 days ago

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