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  • I am getting a creaking noise when going over bumps and when turning the vehicle. I tried a second set of struts which resulted in the same issue. I made sure I was assembling everything correctly and there was no issues with the OE springs, upper mount, spring seat and jounce bumper.

    Solution: Honda Service bulletins 02-045 recommends that you grind down welds under the upper strut tower and add soft adhesive shims (3 each side - Honda part number 75826-634-300) to the top of the mounting plate. An Aftermarket strut with higher control than O.E. may cause the mount to fl...

    Tags: Part# 71597, Vehicle Make: Honda, Vehicle Model: Odyssey, Vehicle Year: 2004-1999, Topic Category: Diagnostics

    1736 days ago

  • Defective Monroe 906964 Monroe Strut-Mate Strut Mounting Kit

    Pep Boys installed new struts and mounting kits, Firestone states that they did not properly tighten them thereby they cannot complete the vehicle alignment. Took the car back to Pep Boys and they state that both mounting kits came apart becouse they are defective - not becouse of improper instal...

    Tags: Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Model: Civic, Defective Merchandice, Vehicle Make: Honda, Vehicle Year: 2009, Install, Tone, Alignment, Part# 906964, Feel

    1675 days ago

  • 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring

    Replacing the OE struts with 72560 and 72561. Replacing the strut mount with a KYB aftermarket. Do I reuse the OE lower spring pad/rubber or remove it.  Instructions in the box did not specify.

    Tags: spring, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Year: 2011, Part# 72560, Pad, Vehicle Model: Odyssey Touring, Part# 72561, Vehicle Make: Honda

    1670 days ago

  • Honda Civic Rear Shock Installation Tips: How to Prevent Noise Issues on 2006-2011 Vehicles

    Here are some installation tips for Monroe OESpectrum shocks on 2006-2011 Honda Civics to help prevent noise issues. Step 1: Always remove the old shock straight out of the clevis. Don’t pry out at an angle. Step 2: Clean the threads of the mounting bolt. If necessary, replace the bolt. F...


    1668 days ago

  • complete assembly struts part# 171434

    I need a complete assembly strut set for the driver & passenger side of my 2001 honda civic lx 2 Dr coupe. What is the price of your struts?

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Civic, Vehicle Make: Honda, Part# 171434, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Year: 2001

    1609 days ago

  • Honda strut boot kit 63628 noisy

    I installed these on new Monroe struts and they are making a creaking/squeaking noise as the suspension is cycled. Can you clarify how they should be assembled on the shaft? The instructions in the package were very generic.    

    Tags: boot kit noisy, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: Honda, Vehicle Model: Accord, Part# 63628

    1578 days ago

  • 171583R upper mount slanted

    Is the upper mount on 171583R supposed to be slanted? It didn't line up with the pinch fork unlike 171583L. Should I force it? This is the second unit from rockauto and it has the same defect.  I don't remember 171583L to be too slanted since it was installed without any issues. Please...

    Tags: Part# 171583R, uppermount, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Model: CRV 2WD, Vehicle Make: Honda, 171583R, Vehicle Year: 1999

    1513 days ago

  • YHNXV02.3PL4 CARB Compliant models 82901/82996

    Hey! Having a 2000 Honda Accord ULEV in California means my replacement cat options are fairly limited. On Mar16th, 2016 executive order D-182-67 was signed, meaning that two new models (the Walker 82901 and 82996) are now legal for sale within Califonia.   My question is th...

    Tags: Part# 82608, 82996, Vehicle Year: 2000, Vehicle Model: Accord LX, YHNXV02.3PL4, CARB, Topic Category: Product Features, Vehicle Engine: YHNXV02.3PL4, 82901, Vehicle Make: Honda

    1419 days ago

  • 2000 civic coupe vs. sedan

    If you look up lift supports for a 2000 Civic coupe a 901471 and 901472 are listed.  The photo provided shows a Spring loaded Ball stud fitting (E) on one end, and a plain loop on the other.  If you look up a SEDAN, the SAME part numbers are listed, but the photos are different.  I...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 00, Part# 901472, Part# 901471, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Make: Honda, Vehicle Model: Civic

    1406 days ago

  • Bump stops

    Mechanic replaced oem struts on a Honda Ridgeline and didn't transfer the bump stops from the old struts to the new ones. Is this a major problem ?

    Tags: Part# 72344, Vehicle Make: Honda, Vehicle Model: Ridgline, Vehicle Year: 2006, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    1368 days ago