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  • I am experiencing a metallic "clunking" noise from the front end. The lower mount is shifting up and down on the lower mounting bolt. What is going on??

    Solution: This shock utilizes a clevis type lower mount, which must securely clamp the shock's lower mounting sleeve, by the sides, like a vise., Be sure to torque the mounting bolt to spec. (100 ft. lbs.)

    Tags: Front, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Part# 37102, Vehicle Model: RAM 2500 PICKUP (RAM), Topic Category: Diagnostics, Vehicle Year: 1999, Part# 34776, Part# 34782

    1156 days ago

  • My original mounting plate has three studs and the Monroe mounting plate only has two. How is this going to work for my Neon?

    Solution: The Monroe mounting plate has two threaded holes in the plate. A bolt supplied in the P1591 parts package will act as the third stud. It will thread into one of the threaded holes for each side of the vehicle.

    Tags: Part# 903924, Vehicle Year: 2002, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Vehicle Model: neon, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Position: Rear Mounting Plate

    1156 days ago

  • Description: I installed BX723R brake shoes on my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 and now I am getting brake noise. What are some things I can check for?

    Solution: Make sure that ALL metal to metal contact points are lubricated with supplied lubricant including backing plate. Also wash drums with soapy water to assure all oily contaminants are removed. Sometimes even quality brake clean sprays can leave residue. Rotors need to have a non-direction...

    Tags: Position: Rear, Vehicle Model: RAM 1500 Pickup, Topic Category: Diagnostics, Part# BX723R, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Vehicle Year: 2000

    1156 days ago

  • 2006 Dodge Truck lower strut control arm bushing and bolt kit

    The bolts in these kits are not threaded far enough. We put in the bushings and then had to get different bolts from fastenal.

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2006, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Vehicle Model: 1500 pickup, Topic Category: Application, Part# 907971

    1105 days ago

  • Rattling noise

    I replace the front shocks on my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD.  After replacing the shocks, I now have a clunking noise out of the front end when I go over any little bump.  Are the shocks defective?

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Dodge, 34778, 37104, 32279, Part# 37104, Part# 911104, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, clunking, Vehicle Model: Ram 1500 4WD, Vehicle Year: 1999, Part# 32279, 911104, Part# 34778

    1079 days ago

  • How to assemble the 71111 with the supplied hardware

    I received a 71111 with a P1466 parts bag.  How do I assemble the parts to the strut?

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Dodge, 71111, Vehicle Year: 2007, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 71111, Vehicle Model: Ram 1500 4WD

    1077 days ago

  • OESpectrum Sub-Part Number

    Hello, I just received two front OESpectrum shocks, part number 37220. However, stamped into the shock after the part number is another part number- one is stamped P289H and one is P261H. The rear shocks share the same P number as each other and other shocks I have installed have the same P...

    Tags: Topic Category: Product Features, Vehicle Model: Dakota 4x4, Vehicle Year: 2002, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Part# 37220

    1065 days ago

  • Is the strut I received defective?

    I purchased both a left (171572L) and right (171572R) quick strut complete assembly.  I installed the left strut and drove around.  Everything looks and sounds good.  I installed the right strut and then drove around.  I hear a clunk sound on the right side when I go over...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Dodge, Vehicle Model: Grand Caravan SXT, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Year: 2005, Part# 171572R

    1037 days ago

  • Cam bolts for 171572 quick-struts

    Hi, I replaced my worn out struts in a 2005 grand caravan with a pair of 171572 L&R. I re-used the existing bolts and set the camber the best I could but the oval hole in the strut should have a cam bolt.  Anyone have the part number for the appropriate cam bolt and where I can find it ...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Dodge, cam bolt, Part# 171572R, Vehicle Model: Grand Caravan, Part# 171572L, Vehicle Year: 2005, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, quick-strut

    1036 days ago

  • Help with assembly...

    I installed these myself and I think I made a mistake. When I take my foot off the gas, I get a continuous "knocking" in the rear of my car. When I accelerate or turn it goes away. I wish there was clear assembly instructions with the part. I can't find the information online when I search. Is th...

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Charged SE RWD, Vehicle Year: 2009, Part# 5629, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    1019 days ago