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  • 557003 upper stud mount

    I purchased recommended gas magnum 557003 for a 1986 Chevy P-30 Class A motorhome (I think catalog say is fits 1974-1999) This shock use LS53 upper mount and needs a 5/8" X 2" bolt shoulder plus threads - the existing shock mount is 5/8" diameter but is way too short.  I'm happy to buy and ...

    Tags: Fit, Install, Gas Magnum, Too Short, Bolt, Vehicle Model: P-30 Class A RV chassis, Vehicle Make: Chevy, Vehicle Year: 1986, Part# 557003, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Stud

    1671 days ago

  • Need part identification assistance

    Hello.  I am finding the information in your application catalog to be very vague and am having trouble identifying the correct shocks for my 07 Tahoe LT (RWD) with 5.3 non-flex engine. It does have ZW7 but does not have Z55.  It has 20" wheels.  Your catalog mentions magnetic sus...

    Tags: Part# 39104, Vehicle Year: 2007, Vehicle Model: Tahoe LT, Topic Category: Application, Vehicle Make: Chevy, Tahoe ZW7 Z55 Magnetic

    1639 days ago

  • Catalytic Converter Part Number 50462

    I am replacing the entire Exaust System on my 2004 Chevy Avalanche. The old sustem was customized and welded from the Catalytic Converter pipes, making it a dule exaust system with no mufflers. Because of this I am missing two nuts to complete the insalation. I need to find out what the Nut ...

    Tags: Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 50462, Vehicle Engine: 5.3, Part# 53408, Vehicle Make: Chevy, Vehicle Model: Avalanche, Vehicle Year: 2004

    1634 days ago

  • 40032 / 40050 mix for GM Autoride?

    I purchased a "pair" of 40032 air shocks for my 2001 Suburban 1500 with Autoride. However, they broke up the shipment and sent me one 40032 and one 40050. I see that 40032 is a "use til depletion then use 40050". I need to replace both of my rear shocks. Can I use these together on my vehicle or...

    Tags: Vehicle Model: Suburban, suburban, Part# 40032, gm, Vehicle Year: 2001, autoride, Vehicle Make: Chevy, Part# 40050, Topic Category: Application

    1578 days ago

  • Best Shocks for Off roading and towing?

    Hello    I am in need of new shocks for a 2003 Chevy Avalanche Z-71 4x4. I have looked at the website and see the listed part numbers are Monroe Reflex #911505 and #911506. Are these heavy duty enough for off roading and towing? Is there a Monroe Gas Magnum that would fit my ...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Chevy, Vehicle Year: 2003, Vehicle Model: Avalanche Z-71 4X4, Part# 911505, Part# 911506, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    1453 days ago

  • Can 171661 replaceable with 171670

    Hi I have a 2004 Impala base model w/16" wheels that needs a new struts and springs. I would like to upgrade the handling with getting into after market springs that lower it. 1) can I use 171670 for the police/taxi package in place of the 171661 in order to improve handling (the same goes for th...

    Tags: Part# 171670, Vehicle Year: 2004, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 171671, Ride Height, Vehicle Model: Impala, Vehicle Make: Chevy, police/taxi package, Part# 271662, Part# 171661

    1404 days ago

  • Flat spot on outlet pipe of my CalCat Converter

    I was wondering if there is supposed to be a flat spot ont the outlet pipe on my CalCat Catalytic converter. It is right where the warranty label is. I have been trying to find pictures, but all of them, that are out there, are the same picture.

    Tags: Vehicle Model: C1500, Part# 80946, Vehicle Year: 1995, Vehicle Make: Chevy, Vehicle Engine: 5.7L V8, Topic Category: Product Features

    1175 days ago

  • Monroe 71341

    Hi was wondering if this strut came with a new nut and washers and rubber bushings

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Chevy, Topic Category: Product Features, Vehicle Year: 2003, Vehicle Model: Trailblazer, Part# 71341

    1023 days ago

  • Monroe 90012 conversion kit

    Hey there, looking at this for my 2001 Chevy Tahoe.  I have already replaced the original rear air bag shocks once with shocks from Arnott Industries.  One of those is now leaking and I am looking at the Monroe kit but I have one problem.  The replacement shocks from Arnott came wi...

    Tags: Vehicle Year: 2001, Part# 90012, Vehicle Make: Chevy, Vehicle Model: Tahoe, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    828 days ago

  • Is part number 48124 discontinued?

    Hi i am tring to finish my stock exhaust which is a dual exhaust. The one part I need is 48124. What gives. Cant find it any were. Im gonna have to go with magna flow which i dont want but its a dual exhaust. Can someone please give info wether its gonna be made again ot not?. Thanks

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Chevy, Vehicle Model: Impala, Vehicle Year: 1964, Topic Category: Application, Part# 48124, Vehicle Engine: 283

    750 days ago