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  • 71786 or 71877 what is the corrct part number?

    The vehicle is 1992 Subaru Loyale FWD.  Monroe website recommends part # 71786 (5) for the front.  Our local Pep Boys shows part # 71877 (6).  Monroe's representative is not a big help here:  "Just use the part listed on the website." Should I buy them from the Pep ...

    Tags: Subaru, Loyale, Front strut, Correct part, Vehicle Model: Loyale, Vehicle Year: 1992, Vehicle Make: Subaru, Part# 71877, Part# 71786, 1992, Topic Category: Application

    676 days ago

  • 54600 Muffler Bypass?

    I just replaced the muffler on my 2001 Subaru VDC Outback (H6 engine). It seems fine, but the original had a bypass tube with a spring that, I assume, allowed extra flow under heavy loading.  Does the 54600 duplicate or allow for this in any way? Thank you.

    Tags: muffler, Vehicle Year: 2001, Vehicle Make: SUbaru, bypass, Subaru, Part# 54600, Vehicle Model: Outback VDC, Vehicle Engine: H6 3.0, Topic Category: Product Features

    581 days ago

  • OESpectrum vs GasMatic

    The vehicle is 1992 Subaru Loyale.  2 WD with 187K miles. Amazon sold me 78785 for the front right and I already installed it. Now they notified me that they incorectly listed 71786 as a OESpectrum and instead they have a GasMatic.  What should I do?    Please help! Sam

    Tags: Loyale, OESpectrum vs GasMatic, Front., 2 WD, Subaru, Vehicle Year: 1992, Vehicle Make: Subaru, Vehicle Model: Loyale, Topic Category: Product Features, Part# 78785, Part# 71786

    15 days ago