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  • interchangeability

    what is the difference between the taxi package and the standard package in a 1996 taurus gl sedan as far as the rear strut assembly is concerned?

    Tags: Vehicle Model: taurus gl sedan, Topic Category: Application, Part# 271616, Part# 171616, Vehicle Engine: v6 efi, Vehicle Make: ford, Vehicle Year: 1996

    1641 days ago

  • Strut Bolts Torque

    I received QUICK-STRUT® COMPLETE REPLACEMENT STRUT ASSEMBLY for my '97 mercury sable sedan. When I put them on, I torqued them according the manufacture specs on the car, and all three bolts stripped faster than my ex-wife. I need to know what torque specs I should use, while I wait for ...

    Tags: Bolt, Mercury, '97, 271616, Strut, sable, Vehicle Year: 1997, Vehicle Model: Sable Sedan, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Make: Mercury, Part# 271616

    57 days ago