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  • Quickstrut with OESpectrum vs reflex

    Hi, I have just bought 172130L and 172130R and one strut is labeled Reflex while the other one OESpectrum. Why is this difference and should i ask the retailer to replace one of it to have a match for left and right? If yes which type (OESpectrum or Reflex) is the one recommneded/better...

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Chrysler, Part# 172130R, Part# 172130L, Vehicle Year: 2007, Vehicle Model: Pacifica, OESpectrum, Reflex, Topic Category: Application

    1701 days ago

  • Honda Civic Rear Shock Installation Tips: How to Prevent Noise Issues on 2006-2011 Vehicles

    Here are some installation tips for Monroe OESpectrum shocks on 2006-2011 Honda Civics to help prevent noise issues. Step 1: Always remove the old shock straight out of the clevis. Don’t pry out at an angle. Step 2: Clean the threads of the mounting bolt. If necessary, replace the bolt. F...


    1676 days ago

  • BMW E38 rear shocks

    Dear support please help me to choose better shocks for my ride. VIN WBAGF21020DF74454 I decide between: 376012SP vs E2030 Mostly i drive in city and high-ways, raraly country. I prefer rather smoothness then sport. 

    Tags: reflex, bmw, shocks, Vehicle Model: E38, rear, Vehicle Make: BMW, OESpectrum, Vehicle Year: 1995, E2030, 376012SP, Part# E2030, Topic Category: Application, Part# 376012SP

    280 days ago