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  • 557003 upper stud mount

    I purchased recommended gas magnum 557003 for a 1986 Chevy P-30 Class A motorhome (I think catalog say is fits 1974-1999) This shock use LS53 upper mount and needs a 5/8" X 2" bolt shoulder plus threads - the existing shock mount is 5/8" diameter but is way too short.  I'm happy to buy and ...

    Tags: Too Short, Bolt, Gas Magnum, Install, Fit, Vehicle Year: 1986, Vehicle Make: Chevy, Part# 557003, Vehicle Model: P-30 Class A RV chassis, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Stud

    1664 days ago

  • Part #55368 Direct fit Volvo 850

    Bought this for my 1997 volvo 850 t-5 wagon. Does not seem to fit properly at the Turbo housing where it should bolt up. 3 bolt flange is smaller than factory flange. Any tips on how to successfully install?

    Tags: Fit, Flange, Vehicle Year: 1997, Bolt, Install, Vehicle Make: volvo, Vehicle Engine: 2.3L Turbocharged, Vehicle Model: 850, Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Part# 55368

    1457 days ago

  • Sound Difference Between Universal Muffler lines

    Can someone help me understand the sound difference between the SoundFX, Tru-Fit, and Pro-Fit mufflers?  Which is the quietest? Which is the loudest?  I can't afford the quiet-flow but I can't tell the difference between the others from the website.  And I assume the turbo is loud ...

    Tags: sound, universal mufflers, Fit, Part# 18126, Quiet, Pro-Fit, Part# 17191, Vehicle Year: 2005, Vehicle Make: Hyundai, Tru-Fit, Part# 17881, Loud, Quiet-Flow, Part# 19194, Vehicle Model: Accent, Topic Category: Miscellaneous, SoundFX, Part# 17867, Vehicle Engine: 1.6L 4c

    1139 days ago

  • 171351L & 171351R

    Will these two strut assemblies fit a 2001 Toyota 4Runner with 2-wheel drive (it's not 4WD)?  Thanks.

    Tags: Topic Category: Application, Part# 171351L, Fit, Part# 171351R

    731 days ago

  • WK50212 for 2004 Durango

    I accidentally ordered WK50212 for my 2004 durango limited 4.7L engine. Will this part fit on my durango? I read last night this part is for 2005 Durango, not 2004. Not sure if physical size is different or not. Thanks.

    Tags: Fit, Vehicle Year: 2004, Vehicle Make: Dodge, Vehicle Model: Durango, Vehicle Engine: 4.7, Part# 50212, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    677 days ago

  • What is the difference between W0133-2038272 and 19160-05589567

    I have a 2007 hyundai santa Fe. These two matched as struts that would fit but I cant find anywhere that says the difference between the two. How do I choose? Thanks for your time. 19160-05589567 W0133-2038272

    Tags: Vehicle Make: Hyundai, Part# 72300, Vehicle Year: 2007, Vehicle Model: Santa Fe, Fit, Topic Category: Application

    573 days ago

  • 82802 part lines up on all data here.. Test Group # is different

     Hi, all the basics of my car fits.2004 VW Jetta 2.0 BBW C.A.R.B (Automatic FWD)Vin# - 3VWSA69M64M116351What concerns me is another number "Test Group" on the car."Engine Family # 4VWXV02.0223" in your descriptionPart: 4VWXV02.0223My car: 4VWXV02.0227Does this affect compatibility?the 82802 ...

    Tags: Topic Category: Miscellaneous, Fit, Part# 54582

    329 days ago

  • 53392 muffler doesn't fit 2001 4-cyl Solara

    I bought a 53392 muffler from Rock Auto along with 48319 and 55537 for my 2001 4-cylinder Toyota Solara. When I went to install it I discovered that the rear mounting rod was more than 2" too far towards the bottom of the muffler. I managed to bend it up a bit so that the muffler will fit and han...

    Tags: Fit, Vehicle Make: Toyota, Install, Vehicle Year: 2001, Vehicle Model: Solara, muffler, Vehicle Engine: 4 cylinder, Part# 53392, Topic Category: Removal and Installation

    317 days ago

  • 908967 not valid for 2011 SCION TC

    I ordered these, but they don't fit.  Do you have a kit that works for the 2011 SCION TC?

    Tags: Topic Category: Removal and Installation, Vehicle Year: 2011, Vehicle Model: TC, Fit, Vehicle Make: SCION, Part# 908967

    98 days ago