E1008 and part 17110987

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E1008 and part 17110987

Started by AlessioGolf3 316 days ago Replies (1)

Dear Tenneco-Monroe Staff,

I bought a new set of Monroe-Reflex E1008 from Germany and I received the package but I found the Monroe box inside has incomplete set of shock absorbers.

Once opened the Monroe cardboard box I found two shock absorbers, two nuts and ONE special washer out of the OPENED original plastic bag.

The two bags have been cut by someone maybe to inspect the content.

Inside the bag there is an instruction sheet that report there must be 1 nut and 1 special washer per each plastic bag.

( 2 nuts and 2 special washer in total )

So I searched inside the Monroe box but the special washer is missing.

To complete the set, is it possible to have one bag marked 17110987 ?

I can send you pictures and invoice of the goods that I bought.

Just for your knowledge I bought from Germany but I live in Italy.

I will wait for your kind reply.

Best regards,



  • Tenneco Tech Rep Trevor M 304 days ago


    Unfortunately, you have reached out to the North America Technical Resource Center.  We do not have the same part numbers, products, information, or access to parts pacakges for European applications.  I would recommend referencing our European website and affiliated technical resource center by visiting eu.monroe.com/en-emea accordingly.