What is the difference between W0133-2038272 and 19160-05589567

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What is the difference between W0133-2038272 and 19160-05589567

Started by Matt 393 days ago Replies (2)

I have a 2007 hyundai santa Fe. These two matched as struts that would fit but I cant find anywhere that says the difference between the two. How do I choose? Thanks for your time.




  • Tenneco Tech Rep Trevor M 392 days ago


    The part numbers you have referenced are not Monroe parts numbers.  Unfortunately, since those are not our numbers we have no way of trying to help decipher the difference between them. 

  • Matt 391 days ago

    Wow, I feel really silly right about now. I realize now what I did. Thanks for getting back to me. 

    So a potentially smarter question would be, is there another Monroe option for just the strut other than the 72300 and 72299 for my vehicle? Or maybe that''s the only one and the two I referenced initially are the same part but maybe an older and newer model and I''ve been just spinning my wheels. Yes, this 2nd question is only partially smarter. Thanks for the help!