39110 mercedes front shock


I bought a mercedes shock for a 2005 eclass rwd no airo non sport ,, everything is the same except that the the shaft is shorter a couple inches than the orignal mercedes shock that came off the car.  is there a additonal part / adapter i need to purchase to make the monroe shock fit?  I can send you a picture of the shocks side by side and you can see what I am talking about if you give me a email address to send it to. 



  • Tenneco Tech Rep Jack M 433 days ago

    The 39110 uses an internal rebound spring to help lessen the feeling of toping out. If you pull up on the rod by hand it will extend further, then when you release it will suck back into the unit. Verify you are grabbing as many coils as possible with the spring compressor. 


  • THOMASYOUNGMAN 429 days ago

    so I understand what you are saying but he still can not get them high enough to get the bolt on them.  He is using the spring compressor.  I had him send me the numbers on the shock to make sure that they are the 39110.  the only number on the shock is on the label he said and it os 110500517.  what now?

  • Tenneco Tech Rep Jack M 429 days ago

    We do not have another option for this vehicle. If following the installation procedure outlined above you should not have any issues. Most spring compressors will have a rubberized clip that you can use to hold the rod extended and make it easier to get the spring compressed to the proper length. -Jack