Quick-strut mounting nut torque


I purchased Quick-struts for a 1999 Camry LE, 4 Cyl, 2.2L. Monroe 171679, 171678, 171681, 171680. The bearing plate upper mounting stud sheared off on the Left Front, and I'm pretty sure the the studs on the Right Front yielded.

What should these be torqued to? Either the instructions don't seem correct or both these units are defective.

I installed the two fronts according to the supplied instructions (Form 01069 Rev. 01/14). The instructions state "Tighten bearing plate's upper mounting nuts (A) (Fig. 1) to the torque value shown in the original equipment service manual." The Camry Factory Service Manual indicates these nuts should be torqued to 59 ft-lbs. So that's what I did.

One of the Left Front studs sheared off before I reached 59 ft-lbs. Thinking the Left Front may have been defective, I installed the Right Front and very gradually tightened the nuts. I alternated using two different torque wrenches to make sure there wasn't a problem with my torque wrench. They agreed with each other. Well before I reached 59 ft-lbs, I got the sense the studs were yielding (no increase in torque for additional turns), so I stopped.

Are the studs on these Quick-struts really designed to take 59 ft-lbs? Or is there a mistake in the instructions? If it's not supposed to by 59 ft-lbs, what should it be? I'm trying to decide whether I should exchange these or return them as defective. I will also need this information for the Rear Struts.



  • Tenneco Tech Rep Trevor M 1689 days ago


    Monroe's specifications for the mounting plate studs to body nuts on the front are 29 ft.-lbs and the rear is 17ft-lbs. We will have engineering investigate the instruction sheet concern. We apologize for the issue you experienced with our products and at this point I would recommend having both front assemblies replaced under warranty. If there is an issue having them replaced at the place of purchase feel free to call our warranty department at 734-384-7898 M-F 8:00am-5:00pm EST.