2011 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan


I recently purchased shocks for the rear and installed them. Now every time i hit a bump there is a rattling noise coming from the rear. I checked and everything is torqued. According to the Monroe site, it called for part number 5528. Any idea what the noise might be? I put new struts on too and after ordering struts for the sedan, it actually needed the part number for the wagon after talking to tech at Monroe. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Tenneco Tech Rep Jack M 348 days ago


    I would recommend inspecting the upper mount for wear as if this was not replaced it could create noise over bumps.


  • Matt 63 days ago

    The Jetta sedans were shipped with two different shocks.  Some have a 14mm hole (Monroe makes this one) and some have a 10mm hole.  I was attempting to install the 5528 Monroe shocks and discovered this issue when replacing the rear shocks on a 2013 Jetta SEL sedan.  This car requires the 10mm hole and since Monroe does not make this shock for this car I was forced to go with a much more expensive competitor brand.