08 sbuaru has 2 catalytic converters


this car is a 4 door, non turbo model, the VIN is 4S4BP61C687319787 

does this car have two catalytic converter ?


I am also trying to find out if the cat is bad but if there realy is two cats then one of them has a heat shield, so i cant get a good reading with the temperature gun


  • Tenneco Tech Rep Jack M 355 days ago

    There are two converter assemblies listed for this vehicle. The 16564 which is the y pipe converter assembly and the 55585. To measure the temperature to verify the converter is lighting off you will want to aim the thermometer at the weld ring before and after the converter body. This will only tell you if the converter is lighting off but not if necessarily if the converter is bad, it may be not lighting off due to an engine running condition.