No drain hole


Just installed 

WalkerQuiet-Flow SS Muffler Part No 21353 and noticed it doesn't have a drain hole.  Should I drill one?


  • sshayss 107 days ago

    This muffler is rusted out. Please help. 20190401_073026.jpg



  • Tenneco Tech Rep Trevor M 107 days ago


    The outer shell on the muffler is aluminized steel.  Since it is an underbody component, exposed to the elements, rust and corrossion is inevitable at some point.  Almost 2.5 years later, this rust is undesirable but not necessarily premature or excessive.  With that being said, the muffler is covered under our lifetime warranty.  If you still have the receipt, I would recommend calling our Warranty department at 1-734-384-7898 M-F 8:00am-5:00pm EST.